Community. Prom. Philippines.

Me and Andrea sitting on the couch

I’m starting to love it here in South Philly. I’m really feeling a sense of community since I moved. Last week I split my WiFi (now paying only $15/month!) and compost bucket with my downstairs neighbor.

It’s also incredibly easy to find community-based activities around the area like cooking classes and volunteer work.

Design Work & Visualizations.

I recently wrote about my design process for redesigning a form at work, and I also did some visualizations on global warming.

Speaking of global warming, there are so many issues going on in the world that it’s super easy for me to get overwhelmed and end up not doing anything, so I thought maybe I could at least I could focus on climate change. It seems that governments have the biggest impact in this issue so I’ve personally been using 5calls, GovTrack, and ResistBot to contact state officials and congress, and I’ve started to donate 1% of my monthly income to organizations that advocate for policy change ($1,080 per year):


Andrea has been planning and preparing a prom-themed fundraiser for the non-profit organization 12PLUS, and a few friends and I went and had a lot of fun!

Unfortunately Andrea and I didn’t get to go on the photo booth together so here’s us being bums the next day.

Andrea and I sitting on the couch

Philippines & Singapore.

I’ve also started to plan my trip to the Philippines and Singapore because I’ll be leaving on May 28 to June 25. It’s coming up! I won’t be able to text, but you can reach me on Telegram or WhatsApp!

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