Cloud Gaming

A screenshot of the game Doom Eternal.

I’ve been fascinated with cloud gaming in the last few months. The idea of playing high-end games on any hardware (old computers, Chromebooks, ARM processors, phones, etc.) and on any operating system really drew me in.

The eye candy also won me over. My laptop isn’t built to handle graphically demanding games, so a lot of the time I play my games in medium settings. With cloud gaming, the games look glorious since they run on powerful servers.

I’m surprised at how well it all works. It’s like magic to me. With Stadia and Geforce Now, all you really need is a web browser because all it needs to do is send video. I’m impressed that I don’t really notice the latency issues either. I was able to play shooters like Doom Eternal and Control pretty smoothly.

We’ll see if cloud gaming ends up being the future, but right now I’m having fun with it.

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