Going from Browser to Paper

Prints of my art that looks like a fingerprint that I just took out of the box.

I recently had some of my generative art printed, and I’m stoked to finally have them in my hands! It feels surreal to see my creative coding projects on my wall, taking up space in the physical world instead of being mere pixels on the screen.

It’s surprisingly straightforward and affordable. I first adjusted <canvas> to be 3600×5400 pixels or 12×18 inches at 300 dpi. Whenever I see a piece that I like, canvas-sketch lets me quickly export the image by pressing Ctrl-S.

I didn’t know where to get it printed at first, so I had one printed at Staples. Unfortunately, the colors looked a bit dull, and they weren’t as vivid as I had hoped. It was also $10 a page, so it was a bit expensive. Fortunately, a friend of mine told me about a shop right here in Philadelphia called Fireball Printing.

They have a minimum of 5 pages per print job, but I was surprised that it only cost me $3.70 for all 5 prints! The colors also looked unbelievably accurate to me.

I’ve been hoping to sell physical prints on Etsy, but right now, I’m uncomfortable with picking up, packing, and mailing art when there’s a pandemic. So, for now, I have a 🛍 digital-only shop. Check it out!

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