Digital Spring Cleaning

A screenshot of this website.

I did some reorganizing on this website, and I think I’m pretty happy about it! The biggest thing I did was merging both and I’ve been maintaining separate WordPress sites for my professional and private blogs, but it was a pain because I had to make sure that I copy any plugin or theme changes from one server to the other.

I figured that it would be much easier to merge the two and simply label my personal updates as #personal. I think I like this more because the site is now a better representation of me now that it has both personal and professional content. It’s also easier to share with other people: just go to to see what I’m up to.

Simplifying my website felt great and it gave me the energy to cut down on some of the hosting software and services that I no longer need:

  • I was able to downgrade Cloudron (a tool for self-hosting websites) to the free tier now that I got to remove an extra WordPress site. This will save me $180 per year.
  • I also cancelled my second Akismet subscription (a service that blocks spammy comments) since I’m only running one WordPress site. This saves me $18 per year.
  • I downgraded to a smaller server on Hetzner (a hosting company) as well and this saves me €132 or $160 per year.

That’s $358 of savings a year! It looks like reorganizing pays off.

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