Week 2: We Moved!

Our messy place

↗ Lo-fi version

We moved to a new spot in West Philly! The new place is slightly bigger indoors, but I love that we now have a porch to hang out in and a backyard to do some gardening. I’m excited, but also super tired. Moving isn’t pleasant to begin with and we ended up moving during a heat wave! We’re also not done yet. We have a lot of unpacking to do over the next few weeks. Look at all this mess!

Our new place.

I signed up for an account on smol.pub a few days ago. You’ll notice that I have a link at the very top of this post that says “Lo-fi version.” That’s my smol.pub blog! I signed up because I’m fascinated with small, lightweight websites, and I wanted to dip my toes into the text-based world of Gemini. I’m hoping to crosspost all my future blog posts on there. It has a 100MB limit for images, so I’m making sure they’re all super lo-res.

I love the idea of having a tiny version of my website. It’s really fast, and it reminds me of text.npr.org and lite.cnn.com.

I haven’t been reading or playing games recently because of all the moving chaos, but we have been watching Ozark and The Boys when we have dinner so that’s been our entertainment recently. I did stop by the bookstore the other day to pick up the book How to Do Nothing. I look forward to reading this soon.

How to Do Nothing book by Jenny

A recipe that I enjoyed recently is called Adzuki Bean Coconut Curry. We had some adzuki beans that we wanted to get rid of and we found this recipe online. It was really good!

Adzuki Bean Coconut Curry in a bowl of rice.

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