Week 4: Eating a lot

Dad smoking some meat

↗ Lo-fi version

I celebrated my birthday this week! I first celebrated with my family in New Jersey. I ordered some Japanese and Thai food for us to share at home. My dad also made smoked pork belly which was absolutely delicious.

I then took the train back home to Philly and then I went to a steakhouse with Andrea. I’ve been eating a lot this week.

Other than that, it’s been a pretty slow week. We started watching Ozark again and continued to do some unpacking around the apartment. I’ve been reading How to Do Nothing as well. The title is a bit misleading because it’s really not a how-to book. So far it’s been about how capitalism appropriates our time (it definitely has some overlap with CAPS LOCK), trees with weird shapes, the design of physical space, smart birds, and the gig economy glorifying overwork. I love it.

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