Week 5: Books, Movies, Friends

Me and my friends coworking

↗ Lo-fi version

I learned about an anti-capitalist, anti-big tech, environmentalist, hacking-oriented bookstore called Iffy Books, and I got super excited so I got a bunch of books from them. I’m hoping to go to their permacomputing workshop in a couple days as well.

Speaking of books, we got around to unpacking and arranging our bookshelves in the living room as well. Feels good to be done with unpacking!

Andrea and I also had tapas at Amada then we saw The Thing (1982 version) in theaters, and we loved it. We thought the special effects held up super well. It reminded us of Alien.

I also got to hang out and co-work with my friends Lauren and Juliana. I should really take advantage of working outside the apartment more often while it’s summer over here.

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