Week 6: Meetups, Filipino Food, Hypercard

Corn slush in a glass

↗ Lo-fi version


I went to a permacomputing meetup at Iffy Books. I expected to talk about how we can change our behavior and lifestyle (keep using our current devices, don’t throw out old ones, use leaner software, etc.), but I was pleasantly surprised that we ended up talking about larger, sometimes systemic issues like:

  • How do we incentivize people to keep their devices longer?
  • How do we get people excited about permacomputing?
  • Can we have a culture of sharing devices with each other? (similar to this time-sharing wiki entry)
  • How do we change policy around this?

Filipino Food

Andrea and I made sinigang na hipon or shrimp soup from the I Am a Filipino book (with pineapples!) and also mais kon-yelo from the Filipinx book.

Plan 9 and Electronics

I got back into learning about Plan 9 and electronics. I finished watching Tea Note #2 this week and with the electronics stuff I learned how to make a simple light sensor.


I recently made a work presentation in Hypercard as well. I think this is going to be my go-to presentation tool! I love how something from the mid-90s can still be used today.

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