Week 7: Kindle, Couch, Baths

Our new second hand couch in the living room

↗ Lo-fi version


I found a Kindle being given away on a street corner for free! I looked up the model number online, and it looks like it’s from 2011. We were doubtful about its condition, but it surprisingly works well! The battery life is excellent, you can still log in to it, and the speakers work, too. It even had all seven Harry Potter books included in it!


A friend of mine recommended that I check out ReStore when shopping for furniture, and we ended up finding a comfortable and affordable couch on there!


I’ve been jumping between a couple of books recently, diving in head first into labor and capitalism books. Aside from CAPS LOCK and How to Do Nothing, I’ve also been reading Overtime and How to Be an Anticapitalist in the Twenty-First Century as well. Oh, and also One Punch Man. 🥚


We (mostly Andrea) also gave Finn a bath. He hated it.


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