Week 10: Clay, Tablet, Veggies

Andrea molding a luminary


Andrea and I went to a clay studio to do a workshop on candle luminaries. It was my first time doing anything with clay, but this workshop got me into the flow state right away. Two hours just zipped by from my perspective. We were pretty happy about the results, too. I made a little castle, and Andrea carved out petal-shaped holes. We’ll see the final version in about 2 weeks.

Couch Computer

My dad was telling me how he managed to upgrade my grandma’s old tablet using LineageOS, and he asked me if I had any use for it. I’ve been wanting a couch computer for a while to browse the web and watch videos on, so I said absolutely! It feels good to get more use out of a tablet from 2014.


I’m trying to add more veggies in my life. I’m not getting any younger! We’ve been shopping for more produce and we also subscribed to a local produce box delivery.


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