Week 12: Tattoo, Linux, Gaming

A screenshot of the game Stray


I got a new tattoo! I thought I’d get something that reminded me of the Philippines, but I didn’t want a flag necessarily. So I got sampaguita flowers and a flying fox instead. I’m hoping to get gumamela flowers next. The tattoo is from Holly Danesi.


It’s been 4 months since I’ve been using Linux full time, and it’s been going pretty well! I’m able to do design work (Figma and Excel run on the browser and Zoom can be installed natively), I can play games through Steam, I can manage and edit my photos (I’m using digiKam and darktable), and I can easily sync my files using Dropbox (through an app called Maestral).

I tried out a few distros, but I eventually ended up with with Debian. I like the idea of a stable, slow-moving system (it seems that they release every two years), and I also like that it’s an all-volunteer run operating system.


Speaking of games, I’ve been playing Stray recently. I love how cute and heart-warming this game is.

hi@jagtalon.com or @jag@weirder.earth

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