Week 13: Maryland, Clay, DOS, Coworking

A clay luminary that Andrea made.


I drove to MD to hang out with some family over the weekend. I made sure to bring some donuts and philly cheesesteak for pasalubong. I also got to see my cousin’s dog who loves to sunbathing, too.


The clay candleholders (called luminaries) that we made are done! Andrea and I designed it ourselves at the clay studio, and the studio painted it and baked it for us. It looks so good! I made the one that looks like a rook / castle.


I recently learned that JavaScript runs on DOS! It’s made possible by a project called DOjS, and it’s making retrocomputing on DOS much more accessible for me.

I’m currently working on porting my generative art to run on this old operating system. It’s amazing how much you can do on these tiny systems. I’m putting my code on https://codeberg.org/jagtalon/dos-generative-art.


I’ve been coworking more regularly with some friends. We’ve been trying to explore cafes to work out of around Philly.

hi@jagtalon.com or @jag@weirder.earth

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