Week 14: More Books, Eee PC

A book called Work.

Wooden Shoe Books

I went to Wooden Shoe Books in Philadelphia for the first time, and I thought it was a fantastic bookstore. I loaded up on new books and I’m currently reading Work: capitalism, economics, resistance. I have a bad habit of starting a bunch of books at the same time so I have a bunch on my queue at the moment!

“New” Computer

I’ve been thinking about getting a small laptop to use for traveling for a while now. I love my big 17-inch laptop, but it’s not exactly the most portable. I thought about waiting for the MNT Pocket Reform, but in the spirit of permacomputing, I thought that maybe I should just get an old laptop. I just didn’t know what kind.

Fortunately, I’ve been reading that Eee PCs are quite popular among hobbyists:

I actually had an Eee PC when I was in university, and I remember how good that thing was! So I went on Ebay and started looking. I found one that has excellent battery health and it was only $40. I got it yesterday, and installed Debian with Xfce on it.

It’s running well and hardware-wise everything works–I’m grateful that Debian still has support for i386 architectures. In terms of software, there are some issues. Firefox is unbearably slow and it eats up a lot of the battery, so I’ve been using NetSurf to save some power. I also couldn’t get Maestral or Cryptomator to run on it, but I’m surprised that there’s a 32-bit build of TiddlyDesktop! That means I can do some journaling on this thing.

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