Week 15: OpenBSD, Old Games, Philippines

Laptop running OpenBSD.

OpenBSD on the Eee PC

I ended up installing OpenBSD on the laptop instead of Debian because I liked how minimalist and trimmed down the OS is. It comes with a tiny window managers for example cwm and fvwm and I read that they remove and simplify a lot of code as well, so I’m thinking that it would translate to better performance on the tiny laptop.

I’ve played around with OpenBSD on a server for a bit, but using it on a laptop was new to me so there was a bit of a learning curve with using WiFi, checking the battery life, mounting USB drives, and enabling click-to-tap.

I’m not sure it’s actually faster than Debian, but I put a lot of effort into learning it already so I think I’ll stick with it! Software that I’m currently using:

  • Qutebrowser – web browsing
  • TiddlyWiki – note-taking software that runs in the browser
  • Syncthing – syncing files with my other devices
  • Netsurf – browsing websites with no JS
  • Tarsnap – backups
  • Micro Editor – easy to use text editor

I also installed a new SSD on it which made things feel a bit faster.

Old Games

Oh, and I’m also running DevilutionX (for playing Diablo) and Chocolate Doom (for playing DOOM and Heretic) on the Eee PC! I’m really surprised how smooth these games run. I really didn’t think I’d be able to play games here because it’s already struggling a lot whenever I browse the web.

I guess web browsers are just much heavier than these games. I’m excited to do some gaming when I take this on a train or a plane.


I also read a book called Pangayaw and Decolonizing Resistance: Anarchism in the Philippines which I thought was an excellent book on framing anarchism in the context of Philippines’ history.

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