Week 16-17: Zines, Friends, Halloween

Silhouette of friends and their dog


It’s our first time having a porch, so we were excited to sit outside, drink wine, and hand out candy to kids. There weren’t many of them unfortunately because it was raining, so more candy for us!

Andrea holding wine and candy


I went to Philly Zine Fest for the first time, not knowing what to really expect from it. I just saw a toot from Iffy Books and decided to go check it out.

I was surprised to see a lot of vendors there and the breadth of artwork and topics as well. It was kind of overwhelming! I couldn’t resist any of it so I bought a bunch of them. It’s inspiring me to make zines of my own as well!

A wild assortment of zines that I got spread out on the floor


I did two potlucks with two different sets of friends last week. I cheated by splitting one large pot of chana masala. 😈

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