Week 19: Vacation, Thanksgiving

Me and my siblings.

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Time Off

I’m off work for a bit, and I’m actively fighting the urge to optimize my time and be somewhat productive. Abundant free time overwhelms me, and it’s difficult to figure out what I actually want to do. Do I want to play a game? Go for a long walk? Work on my hobbies? Read a book? I feel like I might squander my time off if I don’t choose the right thing.

It feels like jet lag, but instead of a different time zone, I’m adapting to time off.


I’m in New Jersey visiting some family. It’s much calmer here compared to Philly, so it’s a great place to relax during my time off.

Me and my siblings standing outside.

It’s fun spending time with my siblings. I got to dye my hair and paint my nails with them.

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