Week 21-22: Vacation, HyperCard, and Reading

Finn looking outside the window.

Tagalog Version


This week, my partner and I went on a vacation somewhere in the woods in NJ. We went there to change up our environment and spend less time looking at screens, and it worked. We spent our time stargazing (I saw Jupiter and some of its moons, the Pleiades, Mars, and the Orion nebula!), reading, and playing in the snow. We had a good time!


I got to read The Politics of Design and The Mental Load over the last two weeks. I loved them both I recommend people reading them they’re both fun and eye-opening to read.

The Politics of Design talks about how design isn’t universal and how it can be interpreted differently across the globe. It’s crazy how some things that seem universal or neutral can be different for other people.

The Mental Load is a comic book that talks a lot about the hidden work and struggles that women go through. It also has other topics like explaining and illustrating bullshit jobs that you can read online!

I’m into mutual aid recently, so I started reading Mutual Aid: Building Solidarity During This Crisis (and the Next) and articles in The Anarchist Library.


A screensot of the Macintosh emulator showing the cover of the e-zine. It says, "still going on using old technology"

Last week, I also published a zine in HyperCard about old computers. I shared it online, and a bunch of people got to read it. Super happy about that!

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