Week 23: Christmas and Low-end Computing

A screenshot of my laptop showing the minimal and spartan user interface.

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I’m in Maryland right now spending time with my family. It’s relaxing over here. Aside from catching up and hanging out with family, I got to convince some of them to go stargazing and birdwatching with me!

We’re in a wooded area, so there are a ton of birds around here. I couldn’t visually see all of them, but I did see tufted titmice, american robins, carolina chickadees, and cardinals. It’s amazing how much detail I can see using 15x binoculars.

Low-end Computing

I’ve been using my EeePC exclusively for almost a month now! I’m surprised at how well it’s holding up. To be fair, I’m only using it for personal tasks (blogging, journaling, budgeting, reading, retrogaming, emailing, and HyperCard-ing), but I’m still surprised that I can live with just 800MHz! Ok, maybe not all the time. It does go up to 1600MHz when it’s plugged in, but I often use it unplugged so it’s usually at 800MHz.

A screenshot of my laptop showing the minimal and spartan user interface.
The minimalist user interface of OpenBSD running cwm.

It takes a lot of work to adapt to these tiny constraints, but the size (10-inch laptop), the price (I got it for $40 online), and the thought that I prevented this laptop from being dumped and forgotten in some drawer makes up for it.

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