Week 28: Mac OS 9, Jiu-Jitsu

The iMac running HyperCard

Tagalog Version

I got an iMac G3 from my uncle the other day, and I brought it home with me to Philly. I’ve been having fun making HyperCard zines (Still Going and Cooking for Surveillance Capitalists so far), and I’m really excited to try making more zines on an actual machine!

The iMac that I got came with Mac OS X, but it seems that Mac OS 9 is better overall because HyperCard is compatible with it, there’s a ton of free abandoned apps available for the OS, and it seems to be lighter on resources as well. I also have never used Classic Macintosh outside of emulators, so I wanted to see what it was like.

So I got some blank CDs and a CD writer as well and burned an ISO of Mac OS 9.2.2. Everything seems to be working well!

I just started, but I’d like to see how much I could do with it outside of zines. Maybe some coding? Maybe I could play some games on it? Perhaps I could do the PowerPC Challenge? We’ll see!

Out in the real world, I signed up for jiu-jitsu classes because I needed to start moving again. I’ve only been to two classes so far, so I’m really struggling and my whole body is sore. I’d like to continue doing it and I hope I get better at it overtime. Learning the moves has been overwhelming so far!

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