This is a photo of me! I'm wearing a DuckDuckGo hoodie and there are trees in the background.

Hello! I’m Jag Talon. I’m working at DuckDuckGo (since 2014!) to help show the world that privacy is simple. I started as a frontend developer at first, but now I’m working as a full-time designer. I make generative art in my spare time, too. If you’re interested in more personal updates, you can follow my non-tech blog.

You can e-mail me at [email protected] if you’d like to say hi or if you have any feedback. I enjoy getting e-mail.

Here are my other accounts around the web: Mastodon, Sourcehut, Dribbble, GitHub.

How to subscribe: If you’d like to subscribe to my posts, you can use tools like Feedbin (web), BazQux (web), NetNewsWire (macOS and iOS), etc. Just enter https://jagtalon.com/feed/ and you should be good to go.

Personal Projects

Friends Talk Frontend Podcast (2017)

I ran a frontend-focused podcast called Friends Talk Frontend (iTunes) with my buddy Katherine in the past. It’s where we got to talk to amazing people about their habits, how they got to where they are now, and what their day-to-day life was like. It still blows my mind that I got to talk to people that I look up to online!

Speaking of podcasts, I was also lucky enough to be interviewed on the Codepen Podcast about work and how I got myself into CSS.

Generative Art (2020)

I’ve been learning about using code to create art recently, and I’m absolutely enjoying it. It fascinates me that a set of rules could create something artistic. It’s also very satisfying for me to see my work on my walls in the real world.

You can find my work on a dedicated generative art page, and some of them are even for sale on Etsy.

Web Animation Tutorials (2016)

Before I started the Friends Talk Frontend podcast, I had tutorial screencasts on YouTube. I was all about animations on the web at that time, so I thought I’d be fun to show people that it’s super easy to get started on CSS Animations and the Web Animations API.

During this time, I also recreated different loading animations from products like SlackAsana, and iMessage. I wanted to see if I could try and get my own web-based imitation to look as close to the real thing as possible. (I wrote about it in Tiny Animations, too.)

Work Projects

Chrome & Firefox Extension Redesign (2020)

We simplified the DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials extension to improve comprehension and hierarchy. We also worked on supporting dark mode! You can find this on Dribbble as well.

Homepage Redesign (2020)

Report Broken Site (2020)

I got to work on the design for reporting broken sites on iOS, iPadOS, Android, and desktop browsers. This is also on Dribbble.

Privacy Heroes (2018)

I worked on the design and implementation with Matt Anderson along with ProtonMail, Brave, Tresorit, and Threema to create this page to accompany our ad on EasyJet. I also did the animations on the page.