Hello! I’m Jag Talon. I ran a frontend-focused podcast called Friends Talk Frontend with my buddy Katherine in the past. It’s where we talked to amazing people about their habits, how they got to where they are now, and what their day-to-day life is like. Right now I’m working at DuckDuckGo (since 2014!) to help make privacy more accessible to people. I worked as a frontend developer at first, and now I’m working as a full-time designer.

If you’re interested in listening to more frontend-y stuff, I was also lucky enough to be interviewed on the Codepen Podcast about work and how I got myself into CSS. I was, of course, super nervous since I’m a big fan of Codepen, but it ended up going well!

You can e-mail me at jag@jagtalon.com if you’d like to say hi. If you’re interested in more personal updates, you can visit my even more personal blog.


New Homepage

Privacy Heroes

I worked on the design and implementation with Matt Anderson along with ProtonMail, Brave, Tresorit, and Threema to create this page to accompany our ad on EasyJet. I also did the animations in the page.