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Watching: Designing for Trust in an Uncertain World

I’ve been setting aside some of my free time to either watch talks or read books about design. Last weekend, I watched a recorded talk from An Event Apart called “Designing for Trust in an Uncertain World.” To me, the gist was about how we can make people feel smart and confident about their decisions. People see many inconsistencies […]

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Watching: Slow Design for an Anxious World

I’m currently going through videos from AEA DC 2019, and I wanted to share my notes on Jeffrey Zeldman’s talk called Slow Design for an Anxious World. When we need fast Fast is great for service-oriented designs. 80% of the time, we want to create designs that reduces friction and gets out of the way […]

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Reading: Design for Real Life

I recently read the book called Design for Real Life, and I wanted to share some of the notes that I wrote down while reading the book. Advocates for designing for the most vulnerable, distracted, and stressed-out users. If you make things for people at their worst, they’ll work that much better when people are […]