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Updated 2021-03-19

Generative art print on a table along with a plant and a toy dog.

Courses / Books

Creative Coding with Canvas and WebGL

This is the course that introduced me to creative coding in the first place. It was perfect for me because I didn’t have to start from scratch—I already know JavaScript and how web technologies work.

I wrote a bit about it while I was taking the course:

I unfortunately didn’t finish the course because I was so excited about making my own posters! I stopped before I got to the 3D stuff.

The Coding Train

I’ve been using the Canvas API for my art (using my homegrown template), but I’ve been wanting to learn more about Processing because there’s a large community around it and because it offers a lot of useful functions for creating art.

I’m currently going through The Coding Train, and it’s kind of fun. Daniel Shiffman is a great instructor.


Minimalist Generative Art Template

This is my own minimalist tool for creating generative art using the Canvas API. It requires CoffeeScript and Browsersync, but you’re free to get rid of those dependencies if you please.

Canvas Sketch

This is the tool that got me into generative art in the first place. It’s approachable, and it comes with useful utilities and conveniences that will help you get started quickly.

p5.js Editor

I’m using this while going through the videos in The Coding Train. It makes it really easy to get started in p5.js because I don’t have to install anything! Everything happens in the browser. I’m also able to create an account and save the programs in the cloud.