Favorite Tools

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Updated 2021-09-24

A screenshot of my desktop.

This is a list of my favorite tools that I currently use on my devices.



  • DuckDuckGo – Tracker blocking, private search, e-mail aliases. (I work here)
  • Roam – Journaling and note-taking application.
  • YNAB – Budgeting and basic asset tracking.
  • 1Password – Storing and sharing passwords.
  • Pinboard – Read-later service and bookmarking.
  • Ripcord – Fast Discord and Slack client.



Email, Calendars, and Contacts

  • Migadu – Using for e-mail forwarding, contacts, and calendar.
  • HEY – Great for managing e-mails, so everything is forwarded here.
  • Thunderbird – Combines personal and work calendars into one view.
  • BusyCal – Syncs with Microsoft Exchange and Migadu on my phone.

Other Productivity



  • NextDNS – DNS resolver and tracker / malware blocker for the whole network.
  • Hetzner – Cheap and green server rental for this blog.
  • Cloudflare – DNS hosting.
  • Jetpack – CDN and WordPress security.