🍄Contributing To Openbsd

I've been running OpenBSD on a laptop recently, and I'm enjoying the OS a lot. As I mentioned in that article, I like OpenBSD because of:

  • Continued support for old hardware. It supports not just my iMac G3 from 2000, but also computers from the late 80s!

  • Preference for minimalism and simplicity. They seem to prefer less complex software and you can see that in their reasons for writing their own http daemon or replacing sudo.

  • Of course, their focus on security and privacy. For example, camera and microphone are disabled by default and browsers are patched to have limited filesystem access.

So I've been putting in some effort to give back.


Added Decker to ports

I recently got graphics/decker ported! A huge thanks to the community for helping me out. You can find the initial commit here.

Added examples to Syncthing README

I wanted to improve the documentation for Syncthing for normal users, so I made some changes to it.



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