File structure

This article is intended for wiki administrators.

Every Mycorrhiza wiki is stored in one directory. This document explaints the structure of this directory, what files can be there, and what you should do with them.

You can edit all of the files manually, if you want, just do your best to not break anything.

  • config.ini is the configuration file. It has comments in it, feel free to edit it.

  • wiki.git/ is the Git repository of the wiki, it has all hyphae in it. You can edit it directly, but do not forget to make Git commits with your changes and /reindex you wiki afterwards.

  • static holds static data. You can access data there from your wiki with addresses like /static/image.png.

    • static/favicon.ico is your wiki's favicon, accessed at /favicon.ico by browsers.

    • static/common.css redefines the engine's default style, if exists. You probably don't need to use it.

    • static/custom.css is loaded after the main style. If you want to make visual changes to your wiki, this is probably where you should do that.

  • categories.json contains the information about all categories in your wiki.

  • users.json stores users' information. The passwords are not stored, only their hashes are, this is safe. Their tokens are stored in cache/tokens.json.

  • interwiki.json holds the interwiki configuration.

  • cache/ holds cached data. If you back up your wiki, you can omit this directory.

    • cache/tokens.json holds users' tokens. By deleting specific tokens, you can log out users remotely.

  • Mycomarkup migration markers are hidden files prefixed with .mycomarkup-. You should probably not touch them.