Help: Hypha

A hypha (plural: hyphae) is the main content unit used in Mycorrhiza Wiki.

The ontology

There are two types of hyphae:

  1. Textual hypha. This is a stand-alone text unit such as an article, a diary or a poem. It is written in a special markup, called Mycomarkup.

  2. Media hypha. This is a media resource such as an image. Media hyphae also have descriptions, also written in Mycomarkup. See media.

Understanding the difference between the two is really important, as it is one of the defining features of the engine. It can be confusing at first.

How to create a hypha?

Some links on wiki are red. It means that they link a hypha that does not exist yet. If you follow this link, you will see a special page where you can upload a media or open the text editor. This is how you create hyphae.

You can create such red links and follow them to create hyphae.

Alternatively, you can edit your address in browser to jump to such pages directly.

Hypha names

Hypha names are case-insensitive. It means that names amanita muscaria and Amanita Muscaria are the same. Also, space and underscore are also the same (amanita muscaria = amanita_muscaria). Canonical names are all lowercase and underscored.

There are some characters that cannot be part of a hypha name: ?!:#@><*|"'&%{}\ Others can be used.


A subhypha is a hypha that has a name starting with a name of a different hypha, followed by a slash and by the rest of the name. For example, hypha Fruit/Apple is a subhypha of hypha Fruit. There can be as many subhyphae as you want. Subhyphae can have subhyphae themselves.

Thus, a superhypha is a reverse of subhypha: Fruit is the superhypha of Fruit/Apple. There can be only one superhypha.

Sibling hyphae are hyphae that are subhyphae of the same hypha. For example, Fruit/Apple and Fruit/Pear are sibling hyphae.


Read the word hypha as /ˈhaɪfə/. The plural form is hyphae. Read it as /ˈhaɪfi/.

The word is taken from mycology, the study of fungi. In a fungus, hyphae are thin white threads from which the mycelium is made. See this Wikipedia article for more information about real hyphae.

Think of Mycorrhiza Wiki hyphae as of small elements that build up your wiki.