You can rename existing hyphae. On the bottom of the hyphae, there is a Rename link. Follow it to open the renaming dialog.

You can also access the dialog by pressing r or visiting URL /rename/<hypha name>.

Set the new name there. If you don't change it, submitting the form does nothing. Two options are set by default.

  1. Rename subhyphae too. If on, subhyphae will remain subhyphae after the renaming.
    For example, if you had hyphae Apple and Apple/red and renamed Apple to Malum, Apple/red would also be renamed to Malum/red.

  2. Leave redirections. If on, the old name will not remain empty. Rather than that, a hypha with a link to the new name is left. This hypha is called a redirection hypha. This option also combines with the other option, i/e subhyphae will receive their corresponding redirection hyphae.

Redirection hyphae category

All redirection hyphae are added to a specific category. By default, the category is Redirection. This way, you can find all redirections and modify them.

How to change the category

This section is for wiki administrators only.

  1. Edit config.ini

  2. Change the RedirectionCategory value in the [Hyphae] section.

  3. Save the file, restart the wiki.