Under every hypha there is a previous/next section with quick links to previous and next hyphae alphabetically.

This design encourages you to name your hyphae in such a way that clicking through these links would make sense. For example, if you are storing pages of a book, you should name them p01, p02, p03, etc.

It is impossible to change what hyphae are linked in this section. If you want to provide a different means of sequential navigation, just place some links by yourself.


Press n to go to the next page, press p to go to the previous page.

For some wikis, these links make little or no sense. In this case, it is better to hide them.

In file your-wiki/static/custom.css write this:

.prevnext { display: none; }

The section would still be there, but no one will see it. The hotkeys will still work.