Interwiki is a means of bringing wikis together, making a federation of them. In Mycorrhiza, one aspect of interwiki is supported: the interwiki links, or the interlinks. Most other wiki systems support it too. Interwiki links are shown in green.

In Mycomarkup, you can address a different wiki by prefixing the link target with a name and a > character. For example:

=> Mycorrhiza>deployment

The interwiki prefixes obey the same naming rules as hyphae. In particular, they are case-insensitive, among other things. Every interwiki entry has one main name and it might have any number of aliases, which can be used interchangeably.

See /interwiki for the list of configured interwiki entries. Unlike the WWW, there is no distributed list of wikis similar to DNS, so each wiki administrator has to maintain their own list.

Mycorrhiza interwiki

Intermycorrhizal interwiki works the best, due to the nature of hyphae. Unlike with some other systems, you can address images from the other wikis reliably.

img {
   melanocarpa>quadrat 12

Setting the intermap

This section is meant for wiki administrators.
Intermap, or interwiki map, is the collection of all configured interwiki entries. To configure it, an administrator has to visit /interwiki and change the existing entries or add a new one.

Entries have the following fields:

  1. Name. This is the canonical name of the wiki and one of the prefixes you can use for interlinks.

  2. Aliases. They are separated with commas. You don't have to set them up.

    A good idea is to have the full name in the name field (such as wikipedia), and shorter names in aliases (such as pedia and wp).

  3. URL. The URL of the index/home/main page of the wiki. It should not end on trailing slash.

  4. Engine. This is the software the target wiki runs.

    There are two engines supported explicitly:

    Choose the Generic option for sites running different software.

  5. Formats. Because interlinks are supported for two cases (hyperlinks and images), there has to be a way to convert a resource name to an URL of the resource. Format strings are a way to do that.

    There are two format strings: one for hyperlinks, one for images. They directly correspond to HTML's href and src attributes of the a and img tags.

    For Mycorrhiza wikis, you don't have to set them, they are set automatically to the following values (replace with the URL of the target wiki):

    • Link:

    • Image:

    For Agora, they are set to:

    • Link:

    • Image:, which doesn't make a lot of sense

    For generic sites, you will have to think of something by yourself. If you do not set it, it will default to{NAME}.

    {NAME} is substituted. For example, from link [[Melanocarpa>uxn]], {NAME} is replaced with uxn.

You can also change interwiki.json directly. Reload the wiki after editing it.