Top bar

The top bar is present on every single page of the wiki. It is the primary navigation means.

On big screens, the top bar is spread onto two lines.

  • First line

    • Link to the home page

    • Search bar

    • If authorization is enabled,

      • Link to your profile, if logged in

      • If not logged in,

        • Login link

        • Register link

  • Second line, most used links. These are the defaults:

    • Recent changes

    • All hyphae

    • Random

    • Help

    • Categories

On small screens, the authorization section and the most-used-links section are hidden behind a menu. Click the button to see them. If your browser does not support JavaScript, they are always shown.

Using the top bar

Wiki administrators are meant to configure the top bar links. Here is what you should put there:

  • Popular articles

  • Lists of something

  • Recent changes

  • Whatever you want, but not too much, of course. The space is limited

This section is for administrators only.

To change the default link, you first have to choose a hypha where you will store the configuration. A good choice would be to store as a subhypha of an administrator's profile hypha. In config.ini, in the [Hyphae] section set the hypha:

HeaderLinksHypha = u/admin/header_links

Reload the wiki.

Edit the hypha. You can put any markup there. Only rocket links will be used for generating the top bar:

This paragraph is unused.

=> /recent-changes | Recent changes
=> Highlights
=> Philosophy | Our views on life
=> Essays

Now, for changes to take effect, a moderator or an administrator has to visit /update-header-links.